• Liquor Licence Matters
    Over the past 20 years Mr. Vassos has established himself as one of the leading authorities with respect to all Liquor Licence matters...
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  • Corportate / Commercial
    Advice for corporations, hotel operators, sports stadiums, landlords, tenants, investors, developers and various businesses...
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  • Real Estate / Leasing
    Services ranging from electronic title searches, dealing with title insurance companies, acting for purchasers, lenders and vendors...
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  • Provincial Offences / Bylaws
    All Licensed establishments are subject to Municipal and Provincial legislation such as the Provincial Offences Act...
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Welcome to Vassos Law

Since its inception in 1997 Vassos Law has built a strong reputation focusing on helping clients with their legal and business needs. As we helped our clients grow, Vassos Law grew along with them increasing the scope of our services while maintaining our close relationship with our clients. Today, Vassos Law continues to provide dedicated and innovative assistance and advice to our valued clients in such areas as Corporate and Commercial, Liquor Licence, Litigation, Administrative, Real Estate and Provincial Offences Law.

The quality of our work and attention we give our clients has not only created a long standing association with successful and satisfied clients but has over the years attracted Multi-National and National Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Canadian Universities, Privately Owned Companies, Publically Traded Companies, Large, Medium and Small Food and Beverage Operators, Grocery Stores, National Sports Teams, Movie and Television Producers, Brewers and Manufacturers of Beverage Alcohol, Distributors of Beverage Alcohol and Manufacturers Representatives. Vassos Law is the "go to" law firm for all aspects of the food and beverage and entertainment business sectors whether new or established.

Adam Vassos, as the founder of Vassos Law, has applied his leadership skills and experience in business, and as a philanthropist, community activist, coach, mentor, entrepreneur and visionary to inspire the firm's members to reach new heights. Adam has created a culture and value system that develops and encourages leadership and creative thinking within the firm which makes Vassos Law stand out in the marketplace and apart from its competitors.